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Es La Hora!/The Time is Now!

The house hearing for the «Drivers License Bill» to allow access to drivers licenses for all, regardless of citizenship status is tomorrow!

Where:  State Office Building Room 10 (next door to the capitol)

When:  Thursday March 18th 4:30pm!

After a heated debate, the bill was tabled during yesterday’s senate hearing.  That means it will be rescheduled at some point, but the house hearing is still on for tomorrow.

With about 36 hours left we have to get a STRONG push to make sure the bill passes the house committee.  That means PHONE CALLS and a large presence at the hearing tomorrow.

Ruthie Hendrycks from the anti-immigrant group MinnSir (Remember the tea party against amnesty?) just got wind of the bill last night and sent out an urgent action alert to her followers.  We can expect them to be making frothing, racist anti immigrant calls to the representatives so we have to make sure to counter them with lots of calls in support.

With your help, the Mujeres en Liderazgo are poised for a victory that will bring this legislation for human/equal rights one step closer to being law.

Please come pack the hearing room tomorrow March 18th at the State Office Building room 10 and make calls to the following representatives:

Here is a sample script:

«Hello, my name is_________ and I am calling about the bill that will be in hearing tomorrow called HF1718 about drivers licences. I am in support of this bill specifically because I am interested in accountability and safety in our streets. I believe that we are all safer when we all know and follow the same driving laws, with insured cars. I called myself a ‘concerned Minnesotan’ blahblahblah «And I would always end by saying thanks for your work with the community and your honest attention to this matter. » Also, if they didn’t ask me for any information I would ask them ‘is there any information you would like from me?»

Will Morgan 651-296-4212

Michael Nelson 651-296-3751

Terry Morrow 651-296-8634

Jerry Newton 651-296-5369

Roger Reinert 651-296-4246

~Thank You For Your Support!!!~

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