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Next Hearing For Drivers License Bill

After an important victory on Wednesday, the Mujeres en Liderazgo were given 6 days notice on the next hearing for the «Drivers Licenses for All» bill.

The next hearing is scheduled for 4:30, Thursday March 18th- For a bill that would allow access to drivers licenses for all.

We Need/appreciate your Urgent support for this campaign under such short notice!

For more info check here:

Please call the representatives below, and come out to the hearing on Tuesday!

*Remember that we are really trying to keep the message focused on improving safety in our communities and on our roads by increasing the number of licensed and insured drivers. We are trying to stay away from the immigration/documentation argument because this will be used against the campaign by some politicians.

Michael Beard (R) 35A 651-296-8872

Randy Demmer (R) 29A 651-296-9236

Connie Doepke (R) 33B 651-296-4315

Mary Liz Holberg (R)36A 651-296-6926

Doug Magnus-R- 22A 651-296-5505

Will Morgan –D- 40A 651-296-4212

Michael Nelson-D- 46A 651-296-3751

Jerry Newton- D- 49B 651-296-5369

Roger Reinert- D- 7B 651-296-4246

Peggy Scott-R- 49A 651 296-4231

Dan Severson R- 14A 651-296-7808

Lyndon Carlson D- 45B 651-296-4255

Loren Solberg D 3B 651-296-2365

Other things we need:

· Your presence on Thursday, 3/18 at 4:30pm

· Help w/ transportation 3/18

· Help w/ Childcare 3/18

· Help w/ visits to representatives on Monday 3/15 – Thursday 3/18

· Outreach

· Media

Please let us know if you are able to help w/ any of the tasks listed above!

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