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Support Immigrant Women, Support the Driver’s License Campaign! (Where the Allies At?)

Calling all allies and supporters!

Please come out to support the Mujeres en Liderazgo as they take their campaign for driver’s licenses to the capitol.

After over two years of organizing, the Mujeres en Liderazgo are preparing for their bill to be voted on by the state representatives.  This is a crucial moment for the bill which would give drivers licenses to everyone, regardless of citizenship status.

With the support of the community, different organizations, religious groups, and legislators, “Mujeres en Liderazgo” has introduced a Bill in the State Legislature that would allow anyone living in Minnesota to get a driver’s license, regardless of their citizenship status.

Currently, immigrants are forced to drive without a license and without insurance to get to work every day, since public transit doesn’t run at night when many immigrants work, and many immigrants work in suburbs or outstate areas where public transit is inadequate or nonexistent.

This Bill would contribute to safety in our streets by making sure all drivers in Minnesota take the drivers test and have a license and insurance.

Furthermore, there are already other states which allow all state residents to apply for a drivers license, regardless of citizenship status.

Please support this campaign to dramatically improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our community that are currently forced to drive without a license under constant fear of arrest, and possible deportation.

In solidarity,

MIRAc (Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action coalition)

(Cross-posted from Twin Cities Indymedia )

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